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We're Attorneys and IT Professionals who Truly Understand your Business

Who We Are?

What Makes The Wallis Company Different?

We're Practicing Attorneys

No one will understand your business better than someone who is actually in your business. We apply the same principles and methods to our IT clients that we do our own law practices.

We have Technology Degrees Too

Most of our developers and consultants have Computer Science or Information Technology degrees. Many of us have several years of expiernce in the IT industry as well as the legal industry.

Our Main Skills

We Have Creativity And Knowledge To Development

Software Development

Infrastructure Analysis

IT Budget Planning

Marking (SEO & Social Media)

Our Services

We Are Experts In Developing Your Business


We have over 15 years designing and developing high end, high traffic, mobile and desktop website. From design, development, to deployment, we handle all aspects of development.


Our first task with any client is determine the client's goal. Building a website is merely a means to an end. Client's will only succeed if they reach their goals before running out of money.


Whether adding hardware or software to your existing IT infrastructure, the integration process is key to achieving the expected cost-savings, efficiency, or benefits that a new product delivers.


SEO and Social Marketing are akin to 21st century snake oil. Promises are made but results are very hard to prove. We've failed if our SEO or Marketing doesn't return it's investment.

"So much business is based on the belief that we should do whatever we can within legal limits to make as much money as we can. Our business was based on values, and we try to operate a business that not just sells a product but partners with all our stakeholders - whether that's suppliers or customers"

(Jerry Greenfield)

Meet The Founder

We Are Here For You

Ian R. Reardon

Attorney / Founder

Practicing Attorney

Ian is a partner in a successful family law and divorce practice based out of Portsmouth, NH and Conway, NH. He only works with one IT client at a time so that he can devote the needed resources to his legal clients.

Business Background

Ian has bootstrapped a number of companies to achieving yearly revenues in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. He started his consulting business to help others achieve the same goals.

Computer Science Degree

Ian's been into computers since the age of 6 when he started dismantling the family PC trying to get it to run faster. In 1998 he attended Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester NY and received a BS in Computer Science.

10 Years Developing Enterprise Software

During and after college, Ian spent several years in the IT industry. Most notable working for Fast Search (Microsoft) and Autonomy (Hewlett Packard) developing new algorithms to improve internet search results.


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